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How to use our signals

Our trading signals are divided into two categories. There are free signals that anyone can use without any requirement. Premium signals are only available for our members. Please follow the following information to learn how to use our Free Signals or Premium Signals

Free Signals

Our free signals are posted frequently at our Free Signal Page and at our Telegram Channel. Please subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive notification instantly when a signal is posted. Please note that Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels are not available for free signals. However, when an order is closed you will receive a notification from Telegram so that you can close your trade. You can get Premium Signals here with detailed Stoploss and TakeProfit level!

Premium Signals

Premium Signals with detailed Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels are only available for our premium members. Beside receiving Premium Signals, our members are also benefited from using our AutoCopy service (See FAQ below). When you are our Premium member, you can use our Trade Copier to copy and execute all Premium Signals to your MT4 accounts from anywhere in the world with controlled lot size and risk management. BECOME A PREMIUM MEMBER NOW!

  1. What is AutoCopy?
  2. AutoCopy service aims to copy and execute all premium signals on your MT4 account automatically via our server.

  3. Why do I need to use AutoCopy service?
  4. Most of newbies lost money in Forex Trading. You will need 5-10 years of experience, spend a lot of money and lot of time to learn before you can succeed in Forex. Instead, you can use AutoCopy service to copy orders from Forex experts (Our Premium signal providers)

  5. Can a small equity account use AutoCopy?
  6. No matter how much your account is, you can use AutoCopy service.Our AutoCopy system uses smart capital management algorithm and perfect risk management system to minimize the risk. Small capital accounts will enter small orders, large capital accounts will be placed on large orders. For example, when the expert's account with $100k equity open an order with 1 lot, your account with $10k equity will be opened an order with only 0.1 lot.

  7. Which broker is the best for using AutoCopy?
  8. The following brokers work best with our AutoCopy System

  9. How much AutoCopy service cost?
  10. All our Premium Members have free access to our AutoCopy service. Become a Premium member now!

  11. How to use AutoCopy service?
    • Step 1: Become a Premium member
    • Step 2: Open a MT4 trading account at these supported brokers and deposit money into your account. If you already have an account with other brokers, please contact us (email: [email protected])
    • Step 3: Send your MT4 login and MT4 password to our email: [email protected]
    • Step 4: We will setup your account to AutoCopy system
    • Step 5: You can login to your MT4 on MT4 Platform to watch the copied trades.
    Important note: Please note that MT4 password is different from your forex account password. Nobody can withdraw your money with a MT4 password. Also, Forex Brokers don’t allow to withdraw money to bank account holder’s name that different from your name. So don’t worry giving out your MT4 password to use AutoCopy Service.
  12. Can I login your real account to see how you trade?
  13. Yes. To help you evaluate our signal quality, we give your access to one of our real trading account with an investor password so that you can see the result. Click HERE to see.

  14. Do you offer trial of AutoCopy service?
  15. Yes. Please check out here.

Receive real-time signal notifications via your Telegram and Premium signal page.
Get Open price, Take-Profit (TP) and Stop-loss (SL) levels for every signal.
Access to Auto Copier software to copy all premium signals to your trading account automatically.
Learn our trading strategies and knowledge for free.